Need to clean mud from sunflower crushing right from the cold press


My name is Daniel McAmoil,, I am a farmer who is making my own bio diesel fuel from sunflowers. The issue I'm dealing with at this time is the fine mud I get from crushing sunflowers with my cold press. Its a real pain to filter as bag filters plug with just a few gallons unless one lets the oil settle for a week or longer.

From my reading off the net I see there are self cleaning centrifuges units on the market,, but all I have found are way more than I need for size, and cleaning ability's and cost.

The specs I'm looking at would be 20 to 25 gallon an hour..

Would like to clean the oil up to 3 to 5 microns

I'm dealing with about 2% to 5% solids.

Would like a self cleaning unit so it could catch the oil right from my cold press and them pump clean oil into storage tanks.

Thanks for your time
Daniel McAmoil

Hello Daniel My nane is

Hello Daniel

My nane is Craig Hall and I am in Billings Montana I have talked to you before about a seed epeller that I am trying to get running here.I got this link from Pat Dailey from Chester
On your filtering you are using x100 bag filters for the finish filtering at 50/25/5 micron if I remember right.

I am using the same filter the only other thing is that I run my oil thru a 800/600/400/200/100 micron filter first then thru a twin centrifuge that I built then right to a 5 micron filter. the unit will flow 10 to 20 gallons per hr. if you added one more unit then it will flow 15 to 25 gallons this might be what you need to filter the mud off your seeds This filters the oil to less then one micron if the oil is run thur the centrifuge slow I use the 5/1 micron bag filters to polish the oil this give it clarity the oil I use is all used fryer grease at this time but I will be working with Pat on this.

I have your email and I will send you some pictures later tonight of the units i am building

Thanks for your time
my phone number is 406-672-6853

thanks again for your time and I hope I can help you out

Craig Hall

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