heating the SVO

I have a newly converted '86 Ford 8.2L detroit diesel school bus, where the fuel is currently heated by using the coolant lines. Im looking for a tank heater that can be hooked up to a secondary battery & toggle switch that will heat up our straight veggie oil tank so that we dont have to drive the bus 10 gallons of diesel worth of miles before we can switch it over to veggie.If its possible id like to find one that will allow me to start on veggie oil, or will allow me to only need to run on diesel for a few minutes before i can switch over. Three prong house plug heaters are not an option, as we live on the road most of the year. If anyone have any advice, or can point me in a good direction that would be very helpful.
trusted websites and product names etc.
please either respond on this forum, or email me at

detroit diesel

I just bought an international travelall with a detroit diesel and was wondering what system you guys converted to and if you like it? this is completely new to me, both the grease and the old truck so it will be a steep learning curve.


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