conversion kit wvo for becket burner

Does any know if their is a convesion kit to for a becket burner to burn straight wvo.

WVO Beckett Pre Heater

I have been burning wvo and used drain oil for years. WVO at 302 deg. F. is the same viscosity of diesel or #2 fuel oil at rooom temp. All I do is replace the nozzle holder with a preheated and thermocouple controlled 6061 Aluminum HEATER BLOCK. No smoke. Will be selling on EBAY soon.

6061 is an aircraft grade of

6061 is an aircraft grade of aluminum. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat. I mix 90% used oil and 5% to 10% kerosene and run at 300 deg. WVO I run at 230 deg. WVO can not be left heated and exposed to air. It will turn solid. I use a 3 way valve and delay on break timer to purge the WVO from the burner with #2 oil....about a 95% savings. This all takes some time and thought and a learning curve.
My seller ID on ebay is Harpersprops

I'm working on a new

I'm working on a new controller to work along side of the Aquastat controller for Beckett addition to keeping all existing OEM hardware on boiler/furnace. Anyone else interested in doing the same.....please email me or cell 207-650-8161.


Mike R.

Check out the yahoo group

Check out the yahoo group altfuelfurnace (i am a member) this is where you will find the most info on the web. Also see for kits to convert your furnace

I am rnning B100 in my boiler

I am rnning B100 in my boiler and need a heat source and control to preheat the b100. I heat it now to about 95 degrees it is not enough,I get sooting due to thickness of the B100, everything on my burner is original. Help?


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