WVO collection

I've been starting to collect and I keep running into:

"liquid vegetable shortening -
Refined canola oil, TBHQ, citric acid and methyl silicone"

it's says 0-trans fat so is it actually creamy hydronated oil or just the way they name it for selling and just veg?

Any advice would be appreciated

thanks and regards

hey since no one bothered to

hey since no one bothered to reply do it's simplicity i guess? I'LL answer my own question.......

hey man no problem don't sweat it. yes anything labeled shortening is probably hydronated which isn't the best but it'll work in a properly heated system.

thanks for asking, sometimes people just need to start somewhere

by the way you seem like a cool dude, later

Hello, Companies can label

Companies can label there product "0-trans-fat" if there is less then .5 grams per serving. SO it is still partially hydrogenated. Palm oil does not need to be hydrogenated to last long and to be stable at high temps. It does not work well in bio-fuels in the colder months because it solidifies when the temp goes below 65 f.

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