dodge diesels and waste vegetable oil

Okay-Can anyone tell me the year models of Dodge Diesels that can use WVO? I've heard 1990-96, but how about later models like 98 or 99? Thanks for your help


dodge diesel

You can run WVO in any diesel. There is no conversion. When it is properly converted into bio diesel it actually is better than fossil fuel diesel. I have a 07' ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins. I make my own biodiesel out of WVO and it runs better! 62 cents a gallon! This is a no brainer!

What system?

Hi, What system do u use to convert WVO to burnable fuel? I don't own a diesel but am looking for an alternative for heating oil in New York..Thanks..TFC...

6.7 Cummins Diesel Dodge

I am looking for information on alternatives for diesel for a 2007 Dodge Ram with the 6.7 Cummins Diesel. What do I need to convert the truck without damaging the vehicle. Any help or direction on resources would be helpful. I am in the dark on this subject but tired of walking by my brand new truck because I can't afford to drive it.

Early dodge diesels are

Early dodge diesels are great to convert due to the Injection pump P100 in years 1990- 1998 however in 1998.5 the injection pump was changed to VP44. This was a sad day for dodge! It is NOT recommended to use 1998.5 - 2002 dodge 24v Cummins. VP44 is a very temperamental pump and any lose of pressure can cause failure (stator rubs into housing). Some have successfully converted these IPs however it is not a good idea unless you have $$$$ for replacement VP44 IPs.

I have a 1996 with P100 pump works GREAT

2001 Dodge Ram 2500

Urgh! I just bought it. I guess I should have done my research. Is there any hope for me. I use this truck for my remodeling company and wanted to advertise that we do run WVO in our work vehicles. Thanks for anybodies help!


Earlier-'93 Dodge Cummins 12V used the VE rotary IPp (similar to VW) and '94-up to the VP44 used a P7100 inline IP...

24valve dodge on wvo

i just started running my 2000 dodge cummins 24valve on veggie, so far so good. i put in a raptor 150gph lift pump that keeps 15-18 psi fuel pressure. i'm blending about
%10 diesel with the wvo.runs great, just did it yesterday. have you been running wvo in a 24 valve dodge? if so how long with what luck? i ran wvo in my gmc 6.5 for about 2 years with no problems other than poor oil a couple times. i would like to hear about other 24 valve cummins on veggie. thanx bob

24 Valve Dodge Cummins WVO

Hey Bob,

I am running a 2002 ram 2500 on WVO with a Frybrid kit used the frybrid for winter considerations. Currently have over 12,000 on the conversion. Only had one issue in the beginning not purging the system long enough before shutdown which created a feedback issue into my diesel tank. The vp44 setup has a feedback loop from the injectors that can allow the excess veg oil feedback into the diesel tank causing my original diesel filter to plug up.


24 valve dodge cummins WVO

thanx for the reply, i run a single tank system. the winters rarely get under freezing here, i blend more diesel in the veg as temps get colder and it worked in the gmc fine. my truck sure is quieter on veg. glad to hear that other 24 valves are running on veg out there. i think with an upgraded lift pump the vp44 will work fine with veg. my vp44 only had about 2000 miles on it, dealer replaced it just before i got the truck, should give it the best chance for longevity. truck started on veg just fine this morning at 5am ( 50 degrees). thanx bob

2000 dodge quad 4x4 2500 automatic. boost fooler, lockup controller, superchips programmer, 5" stainless exhaust, afe air filter, raptor 150gph lift pump,1/2" fuel lines,edge 50hp injectors, trans temp, fuel press, pyro, boost.37" toyo M/T's, 17" raceline wheels

Where do you get your oil

Where do you get your oil from and how do you take it from the resuraunt tanks to yours? Do you store it ect..I am just starting to get to that process and have a 24 valve o6 3500 i converted ..Thanks Edd


Does anyone know if there's a way to convert a V8 engine? I got an '87 caddy and the thing is gorgeous, but hell to drive. I could have sworn I read something a long time ago about conversions to make a non-diesel car run on WVO. Any ideas?

Running B100

I have a 2002 Dodge 2500 and run straight B100. Engine has the Bosch Pump not a CRD. Runs quiet and smooth and has for over 30k miles.
wash the fuel with magnesol instead of water and filer to one micron absolute.

ive got a 08 3500

ive got a 08 3500 ultra-clean ,had some issues w/ check engine light. seems it was having problems in the after burner chamber not being able to brn off enough to satify the computor which mine is programed for california emmissions, thus the check engine light. they recommend only a 5% mix of biodiesal which im not at all satified with so im still looking for anwers

veggy oil conversion

I have a 1997 2500 with the p100 pump I just mix wvo fuel cetain boost and about 10 percent diesel and run filtering at 5 micron is a must but easier than making bio. Here is the kicker get 20-25 mpg 4x4 been doing this for 150000 miles now. good luck and keep up with posting and share info it hurts the oil co helps us

97 dodge

hey i just bought a 97 2500 in very good shape,i was wondering you r using this mix directly in the main tank? in stock truck, i have 1000 gallons of oil, and filter system setup,what this i have been reading about change the oil twice as often,and get it sent to a lab? so you have gone 150,000 miles and no engine problems, this truck has 123,000 on it now

the oil

what do you have to do to the used oil to make it ready to go into the tank? what do you have to do to the 2500 to make it ready for veggie oil as well? are their thing that you should add to the oil like adding a certian percent of diesel?

Ya you just add 5% kerosene

Ya you just add 5% kerosene to every 10 gallons of wvo and diesel kleen cetane boost 10 oz to every 40 gallons when weather gets colder add 5% extra kerosene to wvo and off you go straight in tank just make sure you have no water dodge filter hates water!!

I have a 2001 ram and was

I have a 2001 ram and was interested about your post awhile back. I know the VP44 is picky on what goes through it. You are saying that the kerosene thins out the veg oil enough that things wont get gummed up? How long have you been running this mixture? This would make running veg oil a whole lot easier for me.
Stewart Bain

I have an '89 with a home

I have an '89 with a home made conversion that works fine but the truck is devoid of creature comforts and I would like to move into a newer truck. I am wondering about the '02 and newer trucks with electronic injection. Can anyone out there give me some idea about what years might be better than others etc.

first off there is no such

first off there is no such thing as a P100 injection pump. it is called P7100 found in 94 to 98 dodge trucks. 12v

98.5 to 2002 dodges have a VP44 injection pump 24v

2003 and up are cominrail. 24v

far as witch one is best to run WVO on depends on who you talk to. ech one has pros and cons. learn them and make up your own mind.

how are you guys filtering it

how are you guys filtering it right out of the wvo jug? tried straining it with screen, seems to take forever. i have 2 propane tanks with air hooked to them, am thinking of straining the wvo and pouring in first tank and airing it up and filtering into second tank and airing up second and filtering again to go into my pickup tank. will this work? is it better to run some diesel with it along with the cetane booster? all help appreciated

Hey guys idk if any of you

Hey guys idk if any of you still are reading this post but You dont need a conversion kit if you do a mixture of 4 gal WVO to 1 gal Gasoline and in winter add 1 gal of kerosine to that to keep from freezing, and yes you can run in a diesel, My Step father has been running a 2003 F-250 with the 7.3 power stroke turbo diesel on this same mixture for 3 years and not one problem, he actually started adding 1gal of JP8 to the mix for more HP/MPG, he only pays 68cents a gallon I hope this helps someone!! and Good Luck!!

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