Yellow Grease is going down

Yellow grease down 2.5 per lb since Monday. Looks like it's finally correcting, thank goodness.

It'll be ugly for all you gougers in the winter when YG is at .09 per lb.

What a wanker. Quality

What a wanker. Quality processed YG never hit .09 per lb last year, or you were a fool if you sold at that price. FYI this is a market economy, not communism. Sellers should get whatever the market will bear, this is a fundamental economic principal. If you want to collect grease and give it away because you are an idealist and altruist, I am sure you will find plenty of takers, but you won’t be around for long will you? Just as buyers have advantage when market is low, sellers have advantage when market is high. There is a strong correlation between fats/oils and other fuels, they go up and down together. Your personal opinion (and mine) don’t mean squat, but at least mine is based on economic principals. You seem to be a utopian wanker.

Wanker is good but I prefer

Wanker is good but I prefer douche. This has to be the same douche that was crying about getting gouged weeks ago. People like this have no understanding of how business works. If you come to me like the idiot that you are and tell me you'll pay way more then you should who am I to correct you? "A fool and his money shall soon part"

Nope I make bio the saudis

Nope I make bio the saudis can go screw themselves.... The thing is this world economy is based on capitalism which means someone is always getting screwed. I try to be as fair as possible with my transactions I offer a quality product at a fair price. But that is not everyone. Now if you are some sleezy business man trying to sell your oil for way too much then you will soon be out of business. However when you get idiots such as this guy that goes and pays his outragious price then he has no one to blame but himself. The market will balance itself but its the dumb idiots that keep the sleezy business men alive.

Anyone know what 25,000

Anyone know what 25,000 gallons of yellow grease(with some brown) is worth? Don't want to give too much info, but it's in the South and would be easily picked up and hauled by tanker. Also, this volume would be available on a monthly basis.

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