Yellow Grease for sale

I have a constant supply of 2000 gallons per week. Specs: Less than 1 % MIU and less than 5% FFA's.
Clear Soy and Canola only. No creamy or lard garbage.
Stored indoors and always fresh, none over a month old. No scammers or rookies please.
Oil collected directly from indoor water or garbage or outside collections bins used. Been in this business over 3 years now with our same customers and have never varied off above mentioned specs.
If you're willing to pay 3 cents over Jake and can pick up a load every 3 weeks and want a long term supplier with no games,call me:
Only looking for a legit company with good references at this point. I got ripped off once and never again!


East coast, mid atlantic off I-95.

Contact Info: 



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