Yellow grease for sale

Approx 10,000 gallons per month, midwest usa.

Good evening. We are a new

Good evening. We are a new start up endever in south florida with machiney to produce bio-diesel fuel for our marine industrry contacts . We have the product sold once we start producing.That is not the problem. The problem we have is as follows. We do not have a feed stock that is affordable to us in order to then wholesale it out to our distrubutor. We need a good reliable feed stock f.o.b. St. Petrsburg Florida. How much yellow grease will we need you say> Well lets put it this way our machinery gear right now if turned on and operating 24/7 all year round will produce 36 million gallons of bio-diesel fuel. If it takes 9 pounds of yellow grease to make one gallon of bio-diesel fuel we would need 324 million pounds of yellow grease a year (About 1 million pounds per day) to operate at full operating speed. We can sell every drop of our bio-diesl fuel operating at full operating speed . With that being said we an also operate at idle speed ( as an example 10,000 pounds of yellow grease per day needed frim you) If you can help us with our needs you may e-mail me at Talk Soon Emmet

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