WVO Used Cooking Oil - Want to BUY Your waste oil!!!

We are a small company that collects WVO (waste vegetable oil) from restaurants and food preparation facilities. We do an outstanding job by getting to your facility on a timely fashion, getting all of the WVO (waste vegetable oil) out of the holding tanks or pick up your cubies (5 gal plastic jugs) and leaving the place clean and tidy.
We can collect as few as 25 gallons and as much as 10000 gallons. Drop off is also available in Goshen NY. We pay YOU in CASH a fair market value per gallon for WVO (waste vegetable oil). We can utilize your current container and get everything out of it in minutes, or provide our own for future collections. Don't be fooled by other companies that promise you to pay monthly or yearly, We pay CASH at the time of collection and can provide you with a receipt for tax and/or health department audits.

Please contact:
Hidden Valley Enterprises

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