WVO / UCO For Sale in TX (N. Dallas)

We have a 6200 gallon RAW WVO load available. We ran FFA/MIU tests with SGS this past week and the FFA% was at 11.12% and MIU% at 1.82%. Placing a bell curve on the sample being pulled from the top, I would place this load as FFA of 15% or less with MIU% of 10% or less. Please advise if interested and I'll send you the .PFD of SGS's test results. We are looking for $1.67 per gallon.

Over the past 4.5 years we have successfully setup WVO collection locations in TX, FL, AR, TN, KY, OH, IN, GA, AL, NC, IL and MS, so if you haven't already looked into acquiring your own WVO direct, please contact me about what we do at: historicspringfield@yahoo.com

Please do not reply to this post if you can't buy tanker load quantities at a time. This load is in N. Dallas, but we are located throughout the SE USA.

Best Regards,

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