WVO needed for cross-country trip!

Hi! We're roadtripping across the country from Maine to Oregon in a VW Golf running on veggie oil! We're not doing this until late August-early September, but we're trying to get a head start on oil.

We're looking for free, unfiltered wvo that anyone might be willing to share in the states we're passing through:

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland/DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Oregon.

We haven't mapped out our specific route yet, so any offers would be much appreciated so we can get an idea of what's out there. If you're near a national park in one of these states, it's a good bet we'll be passing through there!

We'd also appreciate any advice on on-the-go filtration systems. We're completely new to the process in general, having just bought the car, so any ideas/tips/suggestions would be so helpful!

And if you're feeling especially helpful, tell us you're favorite place along this route! Obscure would be best, since we've got the Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon type of stops covered.

Thanks so much :D

Hey, I'd love to stay in

I'd love to stay in touch on this one as I have some of the same ideas in mind. I just converted my Jetta and am in the process of doing my own conversion.

Plan on being around Deerfield, Ma? I teach and it would be great for the kids to see your set up and hear about your travels...grades 6 to 9.

I assume you have gone through greascar.com for some sourcing. That is where I am headed right now. Currently I am in Raymond, Maine looking for some processed grease.

Is your car a TDI?...You really need to be sure your grease is well filtered because of the fuel pumps on those cars. What is the year?

Love to hear back from you.


Location: Redwood City,Ca

Location: Redwood City,Ca zip=94063

off 101

25 miles south of San Francisco
25 miles north of San Jose

I got >110 gallons of 10 microns filtered WVO with Startron.

$1.35 per gallon (pre-bottle in 4.7 gallon cubs.)

Please email me at mustgo2k@yahoo.com if you need some quality WVO.

Seth, Just converted Our TDI


Just converted Our TDI and are looking for WVO along the rd. Just saw your posting it's kind of old but maybe you'll get an email alert with this reply. Let me know if you got your conversion done and if you're filtering. If so, will you sell to the little guy passing by? There are so many brokers on this site and so few greasers. Would love to hear from you. email me @ gogreasergo@gmail.com


try www.fillupforfree.com my

try www.fillupforfree.com my wife and i are listed on this site

we are located in lakewood ca

how much did you pay for this golf? what year is it? how many miles are on the car? what type of conversion kit is on the car? can you please e mail me at jirschefske@yahoo.com i have some information for you that you would find valuable

getting a head start on oil is a good idea

you can get some oil for free i am certain but other times you will probably end up buying some read to go wvo from someone along that route

it sounds like a VERY INTERESTING TRIP it would be nice to stay in touch and hear how it goes

check out www.goldenfuelsystems.com, they had a great portable filtration system, just dont' know if they still make it or sell it anymore THEN AGAIN you might be able to buy their old system from someone that bought it then but might be selling it now, they had these great youtube videos showing it in use

what were the circumstances under which you bought the car? who owned it before how did you find it what was it equiped with etc, my family has owned 8 diesel vw's and we have drivven well over 1 millioin miles in them in over 20 years so we would be a good point of contact for you

what type of work do you both do that will afford you the opportunity to take this long road trip? my 98 jetta tdi with just shy of 259,000 miles just did another 1700 miles all on grease on its latest trip to nm and back, big thing: have your timeing belt changed every 60K or you WILL REGRET IT BIG TIME, hope to hear from you john 562-712-5646

Thanks so much :D

Do you still have filtered

Do you still have filtered vegoil available? I'm in Alameda and would be interested in filling up my truck on the way to Portland.
Let me know how much you want for it. (about 50 gallons). Cheers, Russell



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