WVO Kit and Filtering equipment for sale!

I have a used Frybrid conversion kit (15 gallon round tank) with all components for sale, as well as a filtering system including a really nice small aluminum filter housing, a 120v pump, and a 20 gallon custom built aluminum tank with a water heater element built in. I also have a collection system consisting of a 12v DC pump with a cigarette lighter plug on it with a priming bulb and strainer on the end, perfect for pumping from barrels or dumpsters, has about a 20ft hose on the suction end. I am willing to part these all out so if you are interested in any one piece let me know!

Call 724 433 3340 if you have any questions or want to make an offer on anything.

Everything is located in Greensburg, PA but most can be shipped. I can take pictures of anything you may be interested in, just call.


I am interseted in your Frybrid kit. How much of it do you still have left?
Mark Hering

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