WVO in Eastern Wshingiton and Northern Idaho

I am just getting into the bio fuel arena. I live in the Spokane Washington area and bio fuel is something we only hear about. Since I am just starting out and money is an issue, I can't used a “tanker” of WVO. I do need a steady flow of WVO, can you ship it in 55 gallon drums? If so, what would it cost?

Where in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho can I get a constant supply of WVO, filtered or non-filtered??????

where to find wvo

I know there are mexican restaurants on the east side of the mountains, I've heard they are a good supply of oil, even better would be a chinese restaurant, they fry almost everything. Good luck.

Green Truck Biofuels

We're Green Truck located in the Puget Sound. We have the cleanest oil in the NW! If you need a constant supply, give us a call at 206-398-9180 or visit us at greentruckbiofuels.com

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