WVO for sale(360 000 gallons per month)

We provide agency and brokerage services with a focus on the sourcing, sales and distribution of alternative energy products, biofuels / biomass feedstocks, animal feed,WVO and agriculture products.

We operate globally, providing import / export, trading services and logistics solutions to move bulk liquid and agriculture commodities around the world.

We can provide a steady supply of 90 000 gallons of WVO per week or 360 000 gallons per month.

This oil has an FFA rating of 5.40% and a moisture content of 0.01%. We can provide lab results in .pdf upon request(COA).

Current price is set at $2.75 per gallon FOB Long Beach,USA- NO negotiations.

Terms & Conditions:
We accept payment of LC

If interested please email:mananabrl@gmail.com

My name is Sue Thomas and I

My name is Sue Thomas and I am Purchaser for Bently Biofuels Company which is located in Minden, NV. I would be very interested in discussing the purchase of some of your oil. Long Beach is quite a ways for us to go but we will if we have to. We could probably take approximately 45000 lbs per week or 1.5 weeks. Please contact me so that we can discuss further arrangements.
Sue Thomas
Bently Biofuels Company
(775) 783-4675 Direct

You obviously have no

You obviously have no knowledge of current pricing do you?

You must be one of these trolls on this board that still thinks there is only available for $1.50 a gallon..LOL

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