WVO for sale and Your CRUDE can be picked up!!!

Do you have crude oil to be picked up after you go to the restaurants...love to purchase your unused Cooking oil.....We can sell you WVO at 2% MIU and about 7% FFA Guaranteed. I can sell per gallon $0.04 above Jacobsen price....up to 100,000 gallons monthly.
Email: epowermidwest@gmail.com
PHONE: 812-760-4879
Ready to deal, can close immediately. States: NY, NJ, CT, PA, NC, SC, GA, TN.

I do have some that is a tad

I do have some that is a tad above Jacobsen pricing.....hey, some are selling it even higher than that. 2% MIU and 7% FFA.
Right now, have some WVO at 42 cents a pound max. in some states and at 47 cents in other states, depending on area in USA.

Quality guaranteed at 2% MIU

Quality guaranteed at 2% MIU and at 7% FFA. The price is what it is.....you can purchase it or not.... in some states at 4 cents per pound over Jacobsen pricing and some states at 42 cents a pound.

Do you have any money for a deal.

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