WVO For Sale

We are brokers and we have wvo for sale in the following locations:

FFA 8 percent
MIU 2 percent
Asking price: Market rate
Quantity: Minimum of one truck load

FFA 10 percent
MIU 3 percent
At or above 40 cents per pound
6,000 gallons

MIU 15 percent
up to 24,000 gallons per month
Asking near market rate

Miu 2 percent
ffa 15 percent
quantity: min of 6,000 gallons
Asking for market rate

Yellow grease
Market rate
Min of 6,000 gallons

Settled oil (not processed)
3,000 gallons
Asking price (market minus 3 cents)

New Hampshire
2 percent miu
5 percent ffa
Market rate
6,000 gallons

Miu 1 percent
ffa 2-4 percent
a penny above market plus transportation

Only ships locally
miu 2 percent
ffa 6 percent
Market rate

Miu 2 percent
Ffa 7 percent
6,000 gallons
$3.11 per gallon

South Carolina
miu 2-3 percent
ffa 6-8 percent
6,000 gallons
44 cents per pound

New Jersey
Miu 2 percent
ffa 5 percent
Min of 6,000 gallons
Asking price (a penny above market rate)

If you are interested please email wvobroker@gmail.com.

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