wvo collection vehicle for sale

The vehicle is a 2003 ford mini bus. Mileage is 156k. All seats are taken away. there are 3 x275 gallon totes set on the mini bus. It can be set 4x275 gallon if you want. A new Honda pump and 100 ft new hose. there are several drums on the mini bus also.

The vehicle was just past the inspection, runs excellent. It is a 7.3 Liter diesel engine, powerful and can drive to 80 mph easily. Since it is a mini bus, it can go anywhere (I drive it to anywhere include all pkwy), it is easy to drive in the busy street not like a huge truck.

The location is New York. The total price for everything is $7300. You can go out for wvo today.

There are several pictures for the vehicle.

Let me know if you have interest.



Sounds Like the A-hole whos

Sounds Like the A-hole whos been stealing my oil... No legitimate company would have a set up like this. Jokers like you are going to end up in jail or with your skulls cracked open from slipping on stolen grease.

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