WVO 2002 Jetta TDI for Sale $7200 OBO

Due to move cross-country, no time to set up filtering system or establish collection network, a need for more trunk space, and a wife that wants a different car - I'm selling my 2002 Jetta TDI with a Greasecar WVO Conversion already installed. Specs:

- 171k Miles
- WVO kit was installed at 120k, probably has 30 of the last 50k miles on grease
- 15gal rectangular tank in trunk (spare wheel stays in wheel well)
- additional aluminum flat plate heat exchanger
- vehicle was in TX until this fall (1st winter in northeast, so great body condition, no rust, etc)

Recent Maintenance:
- full synth oil change at 166k (still another 5k before next oil change)
- new front rotors, calipers, pads (front and back), full caliper service on back rotors and calipers in Dec ($650)
- glow plug harness and 2 glow plugs replaced in Dec ($400)
- it's in good-great shape for a 10 year old car. Does have the expected minor cosmetic scratches, faded paint on trunk, and a few interior things (missing treble knob on radio, one cup holder arm broken, center console lid hinge is broken, one side of glove compartment rocking mechanism is broken)

Bottom line: Good car, runs GREAT on grease...this is great for someone looking for an 02-03 Jetta TDI for grease that doesn't want to spend the $2000 for the kit plus another $1000-1500 to install it...I just don't have the time to utilize the WVO aspect anymore and we need to move to more of a wagon/SUV type car.

I'm asking $7200. No matter how you do the math, even with depreciation of the WVO system, adding the cost of installation or cost of your own time for installation - I think this is a fair, but slightly underpriced asking price. Will consider any offers, although I'm not desperate to get rid of this immediately, but am open to discussing price.


Quincy, MA (South of Boston)

Contact Info: 

johnstonbd@gmail.com, 845 664 0702

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