wvo 1990 E-350 ambulance for sale

I'm trying to find someone who really wants a veggie-powered ambulance. i've had mine for almost 2 years but need to find it a new home. it's a 1990 Ford E-350 Van/ambulance. i spent $5,000 on it, but have since put in a new transmission, new brakes, new glow plugs/glow plug starter, some work on fuel injectors, etc. all together i have probably put in close to $4,000. i'm asking $5,000 for it now (i think this is a really good deal).

i'm selling b/c i am a student and rarely get to take advantage of the wvo system like someone who travles often might be able to.

it has a greasel kit put in it by a previous owner 4 years ago. system was running great until my last trip, but i got it checked out and it seems as though the only thing wrong is the heating unit in the fuel tank since it's an older vehicle. i've been told this would only cost a few hundred dollars to repair. runs great on diesel though.

send me an email if you are interested mkelley@warren-wilson.edu

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