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No written contracts are required because we are NOT offering a service, we are purchasing a raw commodity in bulk from waste vegetable oil Producers and Collectors throughout the entire midwest.

The further you are from Chicago, the more we'd prefer to buy at one time to justify dispatching a '53 tractor trailer for collecting no more than twenty 275 gallon totes (weight restrictions).

However, we will dispatch the tractor-trailor to cities within 400 miles of Chicago for smaller purchases: <10 totes, >4 totes.

When we transport: $1.50 per gallon, plus tote purchase

275 gallon purchase price: $412.50 plus $50.00 for 1 tote
550 gallon purchase price: $825.00 plus $100.00 for 2 totes
825 gallon purchase price: $1,237.50 plus $150.00 for 3 totes
1100 gallon purchase price: $1,650.00 plus $200.00 for 4 totes
1375 gallon purchase price: $2,062.50 plus $250.00 for 5 totes
1650 gallon purchase price: $2,475.00 plus $300.00 for 6 totes
and so on...
4400 gallon purchase price: $6,600.00 plus $800 for 16 totes

NOTE: To purchase and transport oil, your oil needs to be accessible for a 53' tractor-trailer. For example, a warehouse with a dock is preferred. We simply use a pallet jack that YOU provide, or a forklift, to load the shipment. Also, check the streets and roads leading to your location. If they do not permit tractor-trailors because of weight restrictions, find another location to store your oil.

When you transport and deliver: $2.00 per gallon

275 gallon purchase price: $550.00
550 gallon purchase price: $1,100.00
825 gallon purchase price: $1,650.00
1100 gallon purchase price: $2,200.00
1375 gallon purchase price: $2,750.00
1650 gallon purchase price: $3,300.00
and so on...
4400 gallon purchase price: $8,800.00

NOTE: We will utilize our pump, if necessary, to transfer the oil from your vehicle to our storage totes. We are NOT equipped to lift laden totes from your vehicle to the ground.

Your waste vegetable oil need not be biodiesel-ready grade. All we ask is that it has minimal food and water debris, and that you not churn it for 1 day prior to purchase. We expect to see some food and water debris settled at the bottom of the tote (not more than a few inches per tote).

Your oil should have a visible clarity to it, maple-syrup in color, not milky, indicating excessive age and water contamination. The more golden your oil, the more eager we are to purchase it.

We look forward to doing business with you,
Patrick R. Kuhn

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