Waste vegtable oil collection business for sale

i own a multi-national waste vegetable collection business and am looking into the possibility of franchising or a full sale of the business. I collect over 10,000 gallons of oil in the mountain states area and approx. 10,000 gal + in south west. I have 2 full time pumper trucks with all the equipment paperwork and contacts you will need in order to collect and sale wvo. i also have equipment and contacts to convert the collections into bio diesel. I am spread to thin with the other ventures and company's i own and can not dedicate enough time to this. it would be a great opportunity for a new comer to get in the business with valid secured sources of vegetable oil as well as buyers this would be a turn key operation/venture. you will be supplied with all necessary material like tanks and processing equipment, all the paperwork needed spreadsheets, contract for clients, contact info. Looking for serious inquires only no free lessons. I have spent a lot of time and energy to get to this point and will not just give everything away. Process equipment you will find centrifuges, strainers, 3,000 gal. processing tanks, boilers, heat exchanger, storage tanks, collection trucks, endless supply of 55 steel drums(already contract), hoses, and any and all things needed to jump right end and get started. It will take you over a year just to get a lot of this equipment. feel free to contact me @ danieljalaly@msn.com i will provided my phone number only to qualified interested candidates.

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