Waste Vegetable Oil available in large amounts

waste vegetable for Bio Diesel available in large quantities.
FFA 5%. Contact us for more information , we can supply in great quantities.

Email us at: atuasi.farms@live.com
Or call us on +237-70878495
Rodrique Ramirez.

This guy is a scam artist. Do

This guy is a scam artist. Do not give him your personal information or he will use it to scam some one else after he scams you. Then the cops will come to your door thinking you scammed someone.

He is based in Cameroon. He is a liar that claims to be very religious and he will scam you. He will ask you to visit cameroon and will request a copy of your passport, plus 200 dollars to get you a visa. Then you will never hear from him.

Then he will sale your passport photocopy to the terrorist groups there in Africa. Then good luck clearing your name. You will spend a lot of money doing so.

I want to hurt this guy real bad because I was a fool and I got scammed and I am spending money to clear my name.

He uses another name frequently named Ewane Rachel. Good Luck all.

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