Waste Vegetable For Sale in the Following Locations

* virgin palm oil feedstock for .46 cents per pound FOB Chicago (2 to 3 loads available each month)

Delivered anywhere in VA, NY, NJ, PA, and DC
* 2 or more truckloads of wvo at MIU 2 percent and FFA 15 percent at 45 cents per pound

South Carolina
* 6,000 gallons of wvo (2-3 percent miu and 6-8 percent ffa) for 44 cents per pound

I am very interested in

I am very interested in purchasing this NOW. But will have to purchase every month at least 1500 gallons. Can you meet those quantities?

Method: AOCS Ca 2c-25
Moisture & Volatiles: Below 1.6 %

Method: AOCS Ca 3a-46
Insoluble Impurities: Below .5 %

MIU: Below 3 %

Method: AOCS Ca 5a-40
FFA: Below 15 %

Please contact me at valerie@exxodusgroup.com or 305-496-6529

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