A company out of Malaysia is offering WVO at a low $200 per MT
read the following and decide for yourself!

"In other to secure a sample from us, please note that it is free but you
have to pay the US$290 for custom authorization and ministry of health..
It is due to the new Government policy in Malaysia that the custom and
ministry of health approval and cert has to be obtained and done before any
liquid shipment regardless of its quality and once you have it done now you
wont need to do it again in another order placed, but for the first time you
need to get it done and pay the US$290 for it.."

WATCH OUT! Your money is gone once it leaves your hands.
Good Luck. Anyone out there with similar stories?

company out of Florida the

company out of Florida the sell used cooking oil C&F price per metric ton $350 , minimum order is 40 foot container that is B.S their no two flax tanks can fit in 40 foot container , also you need to pay 30% up front and when I asked them and told them ok can I come to see the products , they replied you have to pay first 30% to be in the system and computer data base in order for the doors to open up and get in the ware house , you tell me now what is this CALLED , then they mention why should I come do not I trust them off course I do but do not you trust me to come with the entire amount to see and pay
be careful , I do not know how he figured out price C&F for $350 to any place in the world ,and when I asked him I need it to Ohio he said it has to be shipped outside the USA for some kind of tax credit its all pull shit man just be careful .

You think they are a scam

You think they are a scam because they want you to pay for the sample you requested??

Hello.. can you blame the seller.. Most of these idiots on this board are time wasters..

If you chosse to do business with a company in malaysia and want a sample.. guess.. what.. you will pay for the sample..

Oh this is bad.. you want a

Oh this is bad.. you want a sample and there is a procedure to it makes the company a scam? i have done business with them before and i am based in RI you can visit my facility.. do not blackmail a company you didnt visit or verify.. too bad

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