Wanted: Used WVO Conversion Kits

Does anyone have used wvo conversion kits that they would want to sell? If so, please detail what you have and how much you would like for these items. Thanks!

wvo conversion kits

I have been converting diesels to run WVO for 18 yrs now. Over the years I have developed a system (Grease Lightning)that I currently install in my vehicles (which I sell). It contains a polypropelene 6 gallon coolant heated tank, 15 feet of line w/in a line hose, 15 feet hose w/brass line ends. Heat exchanger to heat WVO before being transported to a coolant heated WVO filter (5 micron), stainless steel solenoid.tygon lines for conveying wvo between solenoid, filter, and heat exchanger. Lines are to be routed underneathe vehicle and insulated. Selling price $875.00 (technical support included. Please email me at tommat@ptd.net w/question and for pictures.

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