Wanted used vegetable oil in Memphis or surronding areas!

I am a serious buyer and pay cash on the spot. Prefer settled vegetable oil and at least 250 gallons to 2000 gallons-please no scammers-you are not difflicult to figure out. Send me an email with your price and condition of the oil to raizor(dot)williams(dot)yahoo(dot)com thanks.

The reality of purchasing

The reality of purchasing quantities of waste vegetable oil is that collectors and distributors want alot of money for purchasing min quantities usually in the 6000-8000 gal range.Average cost based upon my research has been between 0.30 cents - 0.6 cents per pound. A typical 6000 gallon tanker load of wvo weighs approximately 45,000 LBS. Multiply this by the typical rate and you get a cost range of approx ($13,500 - $27,000).For small producers like myself that is a significant out of pocket expense.Realistically, if most of us want to benefit from buying in bulk we need to pool our financial resources together, in the form of a (wvo) buying cooperative.This type of venture could only be brought to fruition by mature, and honest business minded individuals.This type of purchasing cooperative does not have to be limited to one large geographical region, but that would be ideal for the individuals involved.This approach is and should be a practical response to a problem where the cost benefits are only acheived after purchasing a large quantity and distributing the material among the cooperative.In closing if there are serious individuals and companies out here that see the truth and logic to this approach drop me an email @bioyieldco@aol.com and we can start working out the details to make this practical approach happen.

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