WANTED: Purchaser of WVO for BIO FUEL ONLY (national if possible)

I work for a national food service sustainability consultant firm, Foodprint, where we would like to offer to any of our clients throughout the United States the opportunity to sell their used oil, WVO, to a firm that will convert it into bio fuel. I am currently trying to gain a list of companies that can not only pick up the oil and offer containers to store the WVO on site then use the waste specifically for biofuel. I am looking to create a list of companies that could work with food service companies that serve corporate dining facilities, colleges, and conference centers. Our company currently has clients in the mid west (Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois) and interests in the north east and south east.
If you are interested or know of any business that we could work with, please contact me through my email.

Emily Hunt
Foodprint - Researcher

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