UVO wanted in Tri-State and surrounding areas. RAW OIL WANTED

We can pick up 6000 gallon loads at a time, or you can deliver to our facility on long island. You can reach me @ 631-732-4233. Were looking to purchase RAW oil, we pay competitive pricing and have been around for years....Not one of these fly by nights that pops up and disappears. We have quite a few collectors we work with and have great references. Please have YOUR own accounts that you collect your oil from. Thanks


New York/Tri-State Area

Contact Info: 




We are processing and

We are processing and refining oils & greases in Kansas City, so not in competition with you.
We are also looking at buying raw UCO, WVO, UVO, Brown Grease, etc... at a consistent base.
We process and resell.
We are looking at anything with > 10% MIU as long as the solids content is < 20%.
We pay upfront, we have large storage and processing capabilities,
You might have access to vendors that are too far from you and we would be interested.
Thanks for your consideration, keep us in mind.


kansas city

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