Used waste oil for sale in S/E Michigan

We are building a biodiesel collective and get a high quality oil from Asian restaurants which is piling up while we build our collective. Space is an issue plus we need to raise some money to get everything we need to begin producing biodiesel, so we are selling some of our reserve.
If you need VWO we could dewater and filter it down to 1 micron or sell it to you cheaper as is, settled and strained.

Jack Please contact me

Please contact me directly through my email at or call me at 740-975-8143. We will take it all. Contact me asap so we can arrangements started for the first pickup. I need to know what town you are in to let my pump truck drivers know.

Thanks Duane Smith

Contact me and let me know

Contact me and let me know where you are located and I will come check the product and prepay for it. I need to know where to send my drivers. Please call me at 740-975-8143. I can be there a early as Tuesday with the tanker trucks and cash to pay! If you do not want to call post your email address so we can discuss all the arrangements.

Duane Smith

Davy say no no , cash first

Davy say no no , cash first my man , then you bring your tanker I am afraid of you if you come with tanker you might take all my oil and never pay , no no , I need the elcasho first

I belong to a small

I belong to a small collective in Detroit. We have a small bio-diesel plant. The machine is small and we can filter WVO oil as well as convert it into bio-diesel. We have are still trying to set the machine up but have a back loge of product that is building up as we have begun to collect and not yet begun to process and have an initial amount of filtered WVO oil already to go. If you have any hints for us, a small collective from Detroit, please let me know.
Thank you so much for your time,
Audra, artist and activist
we will let you come and get it for .50 a gallon, we need to keep the barrels

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