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To Whom It Concern:

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Vladimir Polozhentsev. I am representative of Company “Food Technology” from Ukraine. Our Company is doing business with European countries such as: Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. At the main time we have serious negotiations with Great Britain, Turkey, and Greece.
Also we are looking to start doing business with America.

The reason of my email is following:

1) Meet with representative of your Company.
2) Take samples of your product.
3) Discuss the price of your product and quantity.

We are interested in the composition of raw materials, and would like to discuss possible form of cooperation, terms of deliveries and payments.
The main advantage of a long-term of business with our company is
stability and quality of our work.

If you are interesting in our proposition, please contact me because I am currently in America in New York City.


Vladimir Polozhentsev



New York City

Contact Info: 



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