used cooking oil weekly

I collect about 2000 to 2500 gallons a month ..

I'm am looking for a good price.

Remember this is the oil that's not filtered and coming out straight out of restaurants. Probably anywhere from 5 to 10% water.

So if you are interested respont to this message with your offer and your email.

And no low ballers please like $1.30 or $1.50.

If the price is right I have plenty of other guys that would be willing to sell it to you.

You are probably looking at

You are probably looking at around 25-30% MIU that means about 1/4 of the product is useless for bio production. Collectors either need to separate their product or be willing to accept lower pay for their wvo. The time, electricity, labor, filtration equipment, etc. involved with processing raw/crude restaurant oil into processed yellow grease is significant and when you are losing 25-30% as "sludge" it just doesnt make economical sense.

Unity Fuels, LLC is very

Unity Fuels, LLC is very interested in purchasing your wvo on a regular basis. We have two locations for your convenience, and we are willing to work with you logistically to ensure smooth purchasing. We are a serious buyer looking to establish a long-term relationship with serious sellers only. If interested, we can also help you grow your collection business via financing and brand expansion. Please respond only if you're interested in a serious and mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you. Dan 646 481 8020.

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