Used Cooking oil for sale in Houston TX

For Sale Used cooking oil from commercial establishment in Houston

Please call us at

Please call us at 888-708-6907. We can buy all you can produce, handle all transportation, and help you with any tanks or setup the most efficient way of disposal for your company.

We wanted to close the deal

We wanted to close the deal for 100.000 mt of used oil, please send me the Seller complete offer, CIF Price Malaga Spain, method of payment, bond guarantee, soft copy of working contract.
Questions: how frequently do you have this quantity and who is going to buy the product, what kind of oil is that, vegetable or from palm.
We need the contract now, please.
I look forward to hear from you.



Gustavo A. Parra
Weston, Florida U.S.A.

How are you doing were are a

How are you doing were are a towing company in dallas tx and were are currently running 5 towtrucks and 1 service truck that makes a total of 6 vehicles and were are using 1000 gallons at a week that makes a total of 4000 gallons a week and we also have a neighbor that has a flleet that uses around 800 a week so would definetly would like to set up a account with your company we would come down there every week to purchase your oil if you would like to sell us your oil please contact me at 214-208-2782
my Name is Jose

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