UCO needed to Buy

$ $ $ Whatever you have in UCO, Unused Cooking Oil, I'm here to buy it. You pick it up, I'll buy it.

Come from your Restaurants, call me, and lets make a deal. $ $ $
If in the states of IN, KY, TN, GA, SC, NC, FL, NJ, NY, CT, NH, WI, there is a HUGE Need to have your UCO. Make Extra Christmas Money, pay off the House, After you go to your area Restaurants call me to have it picked up by Tanker Truck, I prefer a load at 6500 gallons per time. Can Pick up Once a week, once a month, whatever you have in a week......lets make a Deal....why refine it, let us do it. Pick it up, we'll buy the UCO....be the Collector. We'll do the rest. $ $ $

Call me at 812-760-4879. What you pick up, we'll purchase $ $ $
Epowermidwest @gmail.com Phone: 812-760-4879.

"Anonymous Greaser" since

"Anonymous Greaser" since you have no spine.....to show your name....I'm helping to close deals this week....what have you done.
Plus, not knowing who you are, we all don't know the status of your brain! You probably didn't have any money to close a deal, for real.
Mary Hukill, owner of Epowermidwest
My correct email: epowermidwest@gmail.com

I'm ready to help you.....if

I'm ready to help you.....if you are legit, have money, and want to either sell or purchase, I'm here to coordinate that. When you win, I win, we all win! Lets make some more deals out there! Lets move this UCO and WVO!!! Keep me posted on your UCO and what location you are in. Thanks! Mary Hukill, Epowermidwest
Email: epowermidwest@gmail.com
PHONE: 812-760-4879

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