TRUE TOP DOLLAR PAID for your used vegetable oil *NY, Tristate Area* Quality oil wanted

We are paying anywhere from $1.50 - $1.60 per gallon for UVO, with minimal water content. We're looking to build long lasting relationships with people who want to get the most out of their hard work and dedication to this business. We are based on Long Island, and can pick up large quantities and can accept smaller amounts at our facility.

Please contact

Why not just sell directly to

Why not just sell directly to UVO Joe in commack like you are trying to do with there oil.

Oil collectors beware. This fly by night oil broker is paying you less and selling your oil to UVO Joe and making a killing of ot your hard work.

Always do your research when you are selling your oil and make sure you sell directly to the facility not a broker like this ad.

Happy collecting

Questions to ask the brokers

Questions to ask the brokers offering TOP DOLLAR PAID!

1. Is the person running the ad the owner of a processing center or is he buying your oil then reselling it. (making profit and just handing you off to anybody who pays him a commission).

2. Does he have all the proper permits needed or is he relying on the guy buying the oil from him to.

3. Is he writing you your checks or is another company writing you a check and he is skimming off of it. (making profit for your hard work).

4. Will he around to service you and provide you with unlimited support and long term purchase garantees.

5. Is he just making a commission off your oil and passing you off to someone for a quick buck.

Some wise questions to ask these fly by night brokers who are trying to profit from your hard work. This ad that I am replying to is a perfect example of someone trying to make a buck from nothing. Weed out the middle man and go directly to he is selling to. With a little research it can be done.

Its a cut throat business out there and greed has set in on many levels. So beware of the scam artists. Do your research and look for an owner who actually has a permitted processing plant which will deal directly with you and give you the support and service needed.

Good luck out there...

Happy collecting

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