top of the line wvo conversion parts for sale

List of parts and pics here:

I'm selling my wvo conversion parts either as a whole or in part. Below is a list of the major parts. All top of the line.

raptor fuel pump rp100 $194

greasecar valves 6 port and a 3 port $145

kaori brazed 26 plate heat exchanger (nickel brazed, not copper, copper and wvo don't work well together) $150

vegpower 42 gal tank/hotfox pick up/fuel level sender $500

vo controler with display including pressure sensor and instructions $400

plantdrive veg therm megas $75 each. I have two.

plantdraive vegmax 2 this is barely used $250

filter wrap heater and other electric heaters. $40

913-568-39 four three


Kansas city

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913-568-39 four three

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