Soya beans oil for sale

we the members of PALMTOL Co.Ltd is now one of the leading exporter of Crude Oils and Refined oils such as Crude palm oil(CPO),Refined Palm Oil(RPO),SoyaBean Oil, used vegetable oils and the marketing company of one of the largest and reputable palm oil producer in Central Africa, most precisely Cameroon and we manufacture and export high grades ,RPO,CPO,Soyabeans oil, In high Quality and Quantity, We are ready to supply in big and small quantities to companies who need our products.We supply all over the world. contact us now if you need our products as we have the following oils in stock.

1. Crude Palm oil

2. Refined Palm oil(RPO):

3. Soya beans oil

Specification will be given to you when you contact for more informations, Sample are totally free no matter the quantity but buyer will have to take care of freight fee, Shipment time, 4weeks Max.We provide soft offers to all new can contact us for more informations through this address

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