Selling filtered WVO in Los Angeles Ca

Im selling 1,500 gallons of filtered wvo. The wvo is filtered down to 200 microns..
Im asking for $2.20 per gallon.
you can call me at 562-244-2193 or contact me at

Agreed. The price has gone

Agreed. The price has gone down a lot in the past 4 weeks. You will have to come down big time on the price if you want to move it. I know it sucks, but that is what the industry as a whole is facing. Nobody can pay more than the product is worth.

you have the grease you can

you have the grease you can sell it for whatever price you want.

If these low ballers would take 5 seconds to check the daily jacobsen, oh wait they can't beacuse that would cost them $1200 per year to belong to and they can't afford it.. then they would all see they are talking out of their A$#.

your price is very fair

Thank you for your words.

Thank you for your words. Broker. Don't know how hard this job is and how much money, time you got to put in. We also have a over head. We tru oil collers are not a non profit. . We are humans that have a family. If this some I can help you with just call.

Ok if you think my price is

Ok if you think my price is too high, ill buy your oil for 1.40. Overall you are the one who is getting rip off. I'm part of an alliance here in LA. At the end what matters who you know and what you know. You either work with me or against me. That the la mentally. Call me

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