sell refined soyabeanoil

Monarchy oiltrade. sells and distributes: Refined, USP/NF, Crude and Kosher (where applicable) vegetable oils. We are cGMP certified. -- all products are continually tested to maintain the highest quality.

A full-time in house quality control laboratory tests and analyzes incoming and outgoing products using methods prescribed by U.S.P., F.C.C., A.O.C.S., A.S.T.M., and via gas chromatography to verify that they meet the required specifications and industry standards.

Available upon Request:

Kosher Approval
Stabilized Oils
Gas Chromatograph Analysis

We ship material in 5, 30, 55, & 275 gallon containers to truck load and tank trucks (not all products available in all pack sizes). Export service is available.

Monarchy oiltradehas provided raw materials to the pharmaceutical,Biodiesel cosmetic, personal care, food, ink, paint, coatings, adhesive, lubricant & soap industries since 1838. Today, we serve these industries with products made even better by technology and, of course, by the ever more stringent government controls and guidelines.

Throughout its long history our policies of fair dealing, quality products and prompt service have maintained and enhanced WHC's fine reputation both nationally and internationally. Today these are still our main corporate objectives… and from this stems the dependability and overall quality you can count on.

A New Company

I am a trucking company in Albuquerque NM. I want to create a sub company biodiesel plant capable of producing 1000 gallons a day to start with. I am having a big problem finding that much waste vegitable oil and i'm not really interested in investing in pump trucks to start a pick up buisness. I need to find bulk oil for under a dollar a gallon. Can any one help me? Call me at 505-264-4668

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