seeking raw UCO in Southern California

Seeking to establish contact with collectors of used cooking oil in Southern California, greater Los Angeles and Orange County area. New processing plant coming online and we are seeking recurring supplies of raw product to process into finished product. Licensed grease haulers only, no illegal collection or transportation will be considered, we are not interested in getting involved with wanna be gangsters, crooks and grease rustlers.

Compensation will be fair, business will be honest and straight forward. My company has been in the fats and oils business for 5 years and operates domestically and internationally. We would be happy to demonstrate we are legitimate and will require the same from interested parties.

Email here if you want to discus further.

Careful with this guy, I know

Careful with this guy, I know him from the industry and he is shady. He'll buy your product and then complain about the quality and demand a reimbursement or credit. He complains about FFA and things a grease hauler cannot control. He'll offer a good price up front, knowing he'll get some of the money back later. He'll threaten to sue you if you don't pay back the money he demands due to your supposed poor quality. Just a friendly warning.

sorry buddy, you are talking

sorry buddy, you are talking about different person, if not making this up completly. I have not bought grease from grease haulers before, so there is no way this person you reference is me u putz. So, careful who you badmouth. Looks like you might be the shady person.

You have absolutely no basis

You have absolutely no basis to make such a claim. there is no information here which would allow you to identify this "person" you claim to know, so you must be the shady liar eh?

This should be obvious to

This should be obvious to everyone. He says "his company", but does not post a contact, nor business name, AND uses a gmail account???

I don't have trouble finding a lowes in my area, why, because they are a legit business.

They will provide a name, a contact and an physical address. They also don't have an gmail account when you want to email them.

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