Seeking Partners and Investors For Revolutionary Diesel Fuel Technology

Seeking Partners and Investors For Revolutionary Diesel Fuel Technology

We are seeking International Alternative Energy Groups and Investors that have contacts in different countries to help sell our Waste Motor Oil to Diesel Fuel and Home Heating Oil processing units.

Hundreds of Millions of gallons of waste motor oil, waste transmission fluid and waste power transformer oil are discarded every year in the US and in the world. This is a major environmental problem and a large amount of there waste products are sent to landfills every year.

This is by far the most cost effective Alternative BioFuel Technology on the market right now.

Key Features of our Waste Motor Oil to Diesel and Heating Oil Technology:
1. The device is inexpensive, efficient and has low power consumption and produces a Diesel Fuel that can be used in any diesel engine or diesel generator.
The Waste Motor Oil Diesel Fuel has a 10-15% higher BTU value than standard Diesel Fuel. In fact due to the higher BTU value of the used Motor Oil Diesel the end user will get about 10-15% better MPG from this diesel fuel.
2. The unit is not pressurized and is safe to operate.
3. The equipment weighs less than 400 pounds and is totally portable.
4. The units can be packed in standard 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers.
5. The equipment is low maintenance and once the unit starts it can run continuously all day long.
6. The Waste Motor Oil Diesel Fuel has been tested for 1,000s of miles and all of the vehicles have run perfectly with no injector clogging and no black smoke emitted from the exhaust system.
7. The Waste Motor Oil Diesel Fuel has an amber color and will not turn black or oxidize.
8. Based on the near zero cost for the Waste Motor Oil, the high efficiency of the system, the low cost to operate, the net profit margin per gallon will be in excess of 70-75%. (Based on $4.00 per Gallon for Diesel Fuel)
9. Very quick ROI (Return on Investment). Based on the current price of Diesel Fuel ($4 per gallon) the investment for a single unit can be recouped in one month or less.
10. Diesel Fuel prices are much higher in other countries and they have much less stringent EPA and Emissions requirements. This technology is a perfect solution with third world and developing nations.
11. The waste to Motor Oil Diesel Fuel can be used for diesel cars and trucks, diesel generators and home-commercial heating oil.
12. The unit is able to process all types of oil including: Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Power Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gearbox Oil, Differential Oil, etc.

Better Than Biodiesel:
1) The cost of Waste Motor Oil is next to nothing. It is considered a waste product and in fact some companies pay to have it disposed of.
2) The cost of waste vegetable oil for Biodiesel Feedstock is $2.00 to $2.50 per gallon and then you need to purchase the catalyst and methanol. This is an expensive and time consuming process.

Better Than Ethanol:
1) Ethanol equipment is very expensive. The current use of corn or sugar for ethanol feedstock is very expensive and in most cases makes the profit margins from an ethanol plant very small.
2) The power density (BTU Value) for ethanol is much lower than regular gasoline.
3) The power density (BTU Value) of our Waste Motor Oil Diesel is twice the BTU Value of Ethanol.

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