Restaurant Used Vegetable oil Pickup FREE,, HOUSTON AND SURROUNDING AREAS

We recycle used vegetable oil and pick up on schedule for free, for the restaurant industry. We are servicing several restaurants just like yours and the establishments are thrilled with the ease and savings we make possible. If your establishment is currently paying for this service, please consider giving me a call or sending me an email regarding the FREE PICKUP of your used oil. Your restaurant can provide high quality oil to be used in our certified recycling process for the manufacture of raw materials to be used to make soap, fuel oil, lotions. We recycle 100% of the materials, so you will feel good about contributing to the health of our planet, while helping out small businesses in your community.

We supply clean containers and pick up twice a week on your schedule. If you are tired of carrying the oil to a container, just leave it on the step and we pick it up.

Please pass this note along to others as we are highly interested in providing this service to others within your industry.

Thank you for your time.

Bryan Turner

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