Refined Soybean and Sunflower Seed Oil available in great quantities

We are BAY ATLANTIC TRADING COMPANY LTD based in Victoria Cameroun with factories in United kingdom,Malaysia,Argentina which has large quantities of Refined Soybeans / Sunflower Seed Oil available for export,produced in various factories.Find below our Specifications,competitive prices and conditions;

Our company principles are built on long term, transparent relationships of trust, honesty and commitment. A long-standing relationship of service with our "partners" is both rewarding and ethically beneficial we therefore strive to continuously locate quality products offered at competitive rates by similarly minded organizations.
we have the potential to offer and distribute top quality Refined Soybeans / Sunflower Seed Oil in customer desired packaging.

please do inform us your requested metric tonne to proceed.

Product: Refined Sunflower Oil
Appear an ce: Clear an d bright.
Odour an d Flavour: Odourless an d bl an d.
Free- fatty acid: 0. 1% max. As oleic.
value: 1 max. ( Meq/ kg)
Colour: Max. 2 Red ( on 5 < " Lovibond cell)
Moisture: 0.. 1% max..
Iodine value: 120 143
Saponification value: 189 192
UnsPeroxide aponification: 2. 5 max.
Refractive index: 1. 472 - 1. 474 at 200C
Specific gravity: 0. 916 - 0. 923 at 200C
Smoke point: 2300C min. + / - 100C
Flash point: 3300C min. + / - 100C
First Trial order:20 to 100mt
monthly capability;5000mt
cif Price:$210pmt

Note:Visiting is open and can easily be arranged for all interested clients any hour of the day...

Delivery terms: from 5 to 21 days after the prepayment....we await your quick response.

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Michael Ford

Bay Atlantic Trading Company Ltd
Registered No..04504107
17 Ringway Rd 18065 Commercial Avenue Bamenda
Incorporation Date:06-08-2002
fax: +23733698742
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