Availability: 200K Gallons a month of Raw/Unfiltered UCO

Spec: FFA up to 15%
MIU 30-35%

Price: $1.05 NON Negotiable, EXworks our facility in NY.

Please contact: directmoneysolutions@gmail.com

I know you are asking 1.05 a

I know you are asking 1.05 a gallon but if for some reason you do not get that or are willing to come down just a little bit, I am a very large buyer, who can buy every drop of oil you have, and can guarantee you will never be stuck with oil, you will be paid upon pick up and depending where your exact location is I can offer free pick up. But the highest I can pay per gallon is 76 cents (also depending on actual quality of the oil) but if you are interested please contact me at YandSIndustries@gmail.com or on my cell phone at 609-902-5093

Since the product contains

Since the product contains 1/3 water and foreign matter, the asking price per gallon of actual oil is actually over 1.60. Also the work and expense of processing this ra.w product into a clean, usable oil is not cheap. Add into that the double freight expense of transproting from the seller to the processing plant, then again from the processing plant to the end user, makes this product's value very low. And remember that the ffa will increase as you take the water out. If you can get .76/gal for that stuff you should sign a 10-yr commitment and laugh all the way to the bank.

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