raw oil for sale on long island 1.40

I've got 2-3k gallons a day on long island for sale ....I'm in Nassau county , I want 1.40-50 cash until we build a relationship and I can trust you to take a check. I'm dealing with another buyer rite now so well start off small and work our way up. Please contact me @ newyorkbiofuel@gmail.com , I have a load ready for Sunday morning ........

If your dealing with another

If your dealing with another buyer, why look to sell.

Where is the UVO from. Accounts on long Island or is it stolen. Can you prove where all the oil is coming from, if so I can pay $1.50

Do you deliver or is this needed to be picked up.

We are in need of UVO in

We are in need of UVO in large quantities. We currently purchase from a long island collector....

Where are you located on long Island and do you have a licensed facility we can pick up at.

Is this oil you are selling from your accounts on Long Island or are you trying to pawn off stolen oil from other collectors and make a quick buck.

Send me some detail so we can work it out.

Thank you

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