question: If im dealing with a company that wants to pay me just for my GOOD oil rite much should i be getting?

Being that oil is almost at 3.00 per gallon, if they are pretty much sampling my oil and paying me for an ALMOST finished product then i should be getting much more then 1.90.people are getting 1.75+ for RAW.this was just to prove a point. Oil buyers, RAW oil is purchased with WATER included, some days your guys will have 10%, some days they will have 40%, it's the average you need to live with. If your collector brings 40% waste everyday then someone is using the garden hose trick on you. IF you want to buy ONLY the good oil, then the price is MUCH higher not 30 cents above RAW...........................................

HAHA no way, I buy oil

HAHA no way, I buy oil everyday and I would NEVER pay the same to a collector bringing in 40% water!!! thats just stupid, I dont care if he brings me less than 5% everyday and happens to get a bad load that reads 40%....I pay accordingly. These collectors are getting greedy and they need to understand the level of work it takes to bring raw wvo with over 10% water, particulate, trash, etc and get it to be jacobsen quality Yellow Grease. Buyers dont pay to much for your raw oil!!!!!!!!!!!!

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