One Shot Transfer Pump from Golden Fuels Systems $700 in Hickory NC

For sale is a One Shot Filtration/transfer Pump with the following specs:

Basic Rundown and Specs:

- 12V System allows for convenience and portability
- 3-Way Ball Valve allows you to switch between pumping/filtering and just pumping
- Up to 1.5 GPM Filtering/3.5GPM Pumping without Filter
- 3.5GPM Gear Pump with 40 minute duty cycle
- Utilizes Replaceable Racor 2020SM (2 micron) or 2020TM (10 micron) Aquabloc Elements to help filter out excess moisture
- Total Dry weight is 45lbs with dimensions 27” H x 19.7” W x 11.7” D

This self-contained filtering/pumping unit is equipped with a rugged gear pump that pulls the fuel through a GFS 1000 filter. Pulling fuel through the filter instead of pushing ensures that the filter element stays structurally sound. This also keeps water from becoming emulsified through the internals of the pump.

The Replaceable Filter element is a Racor Aquabloc 2020SM (2 micron) or 2020TM (10 micron) which has 1,484 sq. inches of surface area. To put that in perspective, our large pre-filter bag has 625 sq. inches of surface area without water separation capabilities. This is a 12V system which allows it to run off of your vehicle’s battery or a stand alone battery. This filter shines on the road, but can be equally useful for home applications, as well.

This filter is intended for warm oil filtration. Optimal oil temperature for filtration is between 80-120 degrees. Filtering directly through the One Shot in the warmer months is possible, so it’s a great addition for long summer road trips. In the winter months, the oil will have to be warmed up either with electric heat or coolant heat.

We have tested this filter extensively at the shop, at our homes and on the road. Charlie traveled with a 2000 Ford Excursion and 36 foot travel trailer from Missouri to New York, up into Maine, through the Canadian Atlantic Provinces, across the top of the Great Lakes and then back down into the states and home again. He traveled 6,000 miles in all, averaging 10 mpg in the Excursion and using nothing but the One Shot filter system to provide fuel for the trip. He averaged about 70 gallons of oil through each filter element. 200 gallons was the most out of a filter element and about 10 gallons was the least.

More info:

Pump works like wonders. I sold all my WVO equipment. This is the last thing i have.

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