Oil Thieves in Miami (Oil for Less and Viesel Fuels)

On Friday 2 young woman were caught stealing used cooking oil from the back of a restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. These young girls work for WKC Deliveries (Scott Clowdus) and his 18 year old whore, whom his been fucking since she was 14. The thieves are his girlfriends "friends". This man has been running an organized crime with vans and box trucks for years now. He doesnt have any accounts and survives off of thieves. He pays them about 40 cents a gallon and sells to a local company who by the way "are the bigger thieves who buy stolen oil all day long" they go by the name of "Oil for Less" ran by Franz Turnier, he pays WKC about $2.00 per gallon. He then sells it to even bigger thieves called "Viesel Fuels" owned by Stu Lamb. Viesel pays Oil for Less $2.60 per gallon. At the end everyone is making a kill of a profit off of women like this. All these companies should be taken down and prosecuted for theft and organized crime. If we didnt have companies like "Oil for Less" and "Viesel Fuels" they're wouldnt be thieves in the street.

Greenwave like few other small companies are doing the right thing by getting accounts and providing good service to the restaurant owners. We must tract down all these thieves and help stop these crimes but in order to do so we need to crack down on "Oil for less" and "Viesel Fuels". Only then we will be able to be free of Oil Theives


Miami, Fl.

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