Northern Colorado - Want to purchase UVO/WVO/SVO in tote quantities

I'm located in Boulder County, Colorado. I'm interested in purchasing a few hundred gallons of WVO from whoever has any to sell. I may be willing to do this every couple of months. I can provide my own tote in exchange if necessary.

I'd be interested in non-PHO, free flowing vegetable oil, that titrates better than 3.0 - need not be processed, but should be at least well settled. I'll also consider filtered and de-watered oil.

If your oil is stored in cubies I can take that as well. I just need to be able to purchase in 100 gallon + quantities.

If you are a Boulder County restaurant owner I may be willing to enter a long term contract for your oil as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Please call eric 303-335-7540

I'm not interested in purchasing oil that is not located in Colorado.

I am located 30 miles east of

I am located 30 miles east of Boulder. I can
supply WVO filtered via centrifuge to 1
micron. I need a $1.95 a gallon. Will take
wire transfer or paypal or cash. Can set up
a delivery schedule for on time delivery's.
Must be paid in full before I complete delivery.
I have a 17' enclosed trailer for delivery's.
My trailer is also a mobile WVO filtering lab.
I'm a retired veteran and very dependable.

If interested, please give me a text or call
@ 303-502-4693 or

We have a restaurant located

We have a restaurant located in Georgetown Colorado and about 30-35 jugs of water free WVO. It was drained from the fryer back into the 35lb containers that the oil came in. Take it all for $75. If interested e-mail us at with "Ed's WVO" in the subject line. Thanks.

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