navy special fuel oil and furnace fuel oil (FFO) - bunker special for SALE

We do offer regularly supply on a monthly basis the
with the follow product/characteristics/tests/properties of the fuel at:

we do offer the navy special fuel oil and furnace fuel oil (FFO) all spectrum - especially mazuts like M-100 for sale -

The production method: Fuel oil M-100 - the remainder after separation of crude oil or products of its secondary processing of gasoline, kerosene and gas oil fractions boiling up to 350-360 °C. Fuel oil M-100 is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

Application: Fuel oil M-100 is used as fuel for steam boilers, boiler plants and industrial furnaces for the production of naval fuel oil, heavy motor fuel and ships bunker fuel.

Supply form: Liquid product is dark brown.

Packaging: Fuel oil M-100 is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks, ships containers.

Transportation: Fuel oil M-100 is transported in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks.

Storage: Stored in metal containers under conditions in accordance with the storage of flammable substances.

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