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I'm in the Los Angeles/SilverLake/Glendale area. I've been collecting grease from restaurants for over 2 years now, filtering it myself, to use in our 2 vintage Mercedes, but my sources are drying up. Anyone know where I can get some, filtered or not at a reasonable price?
Thanks, Richard

Dry Is Right

There is a place I think called grease haulers, don't know if they sell it.

With all the call license it is tough

I just started a site that will be ready in a month or less.

http://www.greasesupply.com to help out like this site. But we will be members to slow up the spammers from nigeria and others.

Good luck Richard.

Don't put your email richard or you will get a ton of spam.


its people like you guys who

its people like you guys who are hording oil in different places filtering it then trying to sell it, that is the problem. veggie oil cars are about things being free! not for sale. refuse to buy. profit monsters are the reason we have changed to wvo! oil cars about resistance and change! learn to fix your own car learn to filter you own oil. if you dont have the time to do that then maybe you need to check in on the system you are using! you dont even need to buy anything it filter and de water! let if sit! gravity natural living. and you dont have to buy it at Trader Joes and Whole Foods to be organic!

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